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DigitalX Profiling & Integration

Employ automated and manual scanning procedures and techniques to recognize and evaluate digital assets and tools.

DigitalXForce provides AUTOMATED, CONTINUOUS, REAL TIME Security Risk Management through Digital Asset & Attack Surface Inventory, Security Tool Integration, Regulatory Controls Mapping, Risk Quantification & Prioritization, & Remediation with End-to-End Visibility, Governance, Analytics & Reporting and Security Blueprint.

Attack Surface Management (ASM) and Asset Inventory are crucial practices that help organizations protect their IT infrastructure from cyber threats. ASM involves identifying and reducing potential entry points for attackers by examining hardware, software, and network configurations. Asset Inventory engages in keeping track of all IT assets to identify vulnerabilities. Organizations can ensure better protection against potential cyber threats by conducting both practices.

Integrate security tools with DigitalX to maintain strong security posture

Maintain a strong security posture and reduce the risk of cyber attacks by consolidating security information into a single interface. Security tool integration involves integrating various security technologies such as firewalls, anti-virus software, vulnerability scanners, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and SIEMs to provide a comprehensive security approach for an organization.

DigitalX Risk Analysis & Prioritization

Quantify Digital Risk and create prioritization strategy based on severity, risk, and threat intelligence

Get continuous real-time protection from security threats with DigitalX

The combination of real-time and continuous analysis provides a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity that improves the overall security posture and reduces the risk of cyberattacks. Real-time analysis involves monitoring network traffic, system logs, and security events to detect and respond to incidents and potential threats quickly. Continuous analysis involves regular monitoring of security controls to identify and remediate vulnerabilities and ensure compliance.

Evaluate potential risks and develop a strategy to allocate resources effectively with DigitalX

Risk quantification and prioritization involve evaluating potential risks, assigning a numerical value to prioritize them based on severity, and optimizing resources to address the most critical risks first, reducing the risk of cyber-attacks and other security incidents.

Effective security posture management with DigitalX by establishing and overseeing security controls, policies, and procedures

An organization’s security posture refers to its overall security strength and effectiveness in protecting its data, systems, and networks from cyber threats. Security Posture Management compliance implements and manages security controls, policies, and procedures to maintain an effective security posture that protects an organization’s data, systems, and networks from cyber threats.

DigitalX Integrated Risk Management & Remediation

Integrate with Security Management tools and processes for timely and controlled fashion, mitigate and/or create controls to monitor exceptions

Strategically prioritize corrective efforts with DigitalX to address critical security risks

Risk remediation planning addresses identified risks in the IT infrastructure of an organization. It involves developing a comprehensive plan to implement controls and mitigation measures, enhancing the security posture and reducing risk exposure.

Implement DigitalX strategies to prevent security breaches

Proactive security measures aim to identify and address vulnerabilities in an organization’s network or system and implement controls and policies to prevent unauthorized access, data breaches, or other cyber-attacks. Implement measures before breaches occur rather than simply reacting to them.

Evaluate and update security policies with DigitalX

Ensuring adequate security measures and compliance with industry standards and regulations is critical for maintaining a secure online presence. Organizations must review and develop their security policies regularly, aligning with best practices to reduce the risk of potential security breaches.

Evaluate and update with DigitalX to improve security posture and reduce risk exposure

Regular review and updation of an organization’s security management and operations plan are essential for enhancing its overall security posture and minimizing the risk of security incidents. By evaluating and improving their existing plan, organizations can ensure that they effectively manage and mitigate security threats.

DigitalX Risk Analytics & Reporting

Generate metrics and compliance reports with a prioritized roadmap for improving security posture and meeting regulatory requirements

Identify security risks with DigitalX and maintain security posture

Conduct a security risk assessment and compliance report to identify an organization’s security risks and ensure compliance with relevant regulations to reduce risk exposure and proactively maintain a strong security posture.

Track key performance and risk indicators with DigitalX Board Dashbook

Board-level KPIs/KRIs enable effective oversight of an organization’s security posture and risk management strategies by tracking key performance and risk indicators.

Develop a security blueprint with DigitalX Board Dashbook

Develop a security blueprint by creating a comprehensive plan for the organization’s security infrastructure and operations that align with its business objectives and reduce risk exposure to proactively address security threats and ensure that its security strategy is aligned with its overall business strategy.

Implement DigitalX strategies to ensure critical functions run even while facing disruptions

An organization’s ability to cope with cybersecurity threats or security incidents by implementing measures and strategies that minimize their impact and ensure the continuation of critical operations despite disruptions points to its business resilience. This involves preparing for, responding to, and recovering from such incidents.

DigitalX Risk Governance

Effective risk governance strategies to optimize risk management

Support Audit & Compliance

Support audit and compliance involves ensuring an organization complies with relevant regulations and industry standards which helps reduce risk exposure and maintain stakeholder trust to demonstrate their commitment to security and compliance and enhance their overall reputation.

Gauge your security return on investment with DigitalX

A Security ROI Calculator evaluates the cost-effectiveness of security investments and measures the return on investment for an organization’s security program. It helps organizations make informed decisions about security spending to maximize value.

Land the apt insurance plan with DigitalX 

Aid organizations in acquiring a suitable cyber insurance policy that fits their specific requirements and risk profile.

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